fredag den 19. marts 2010

Stop spamming me!

It's a fact that today an average consumer receives more than 3.000 commercial messages - every a day.

Think about. 3.000 messages. A day.

If you are like me you most likely ignore most of these.

I even have a sign on my physical postal box that says "no advertisement". Please stop clogging my mailbox with paper.

I have a strong spam filter on my Google mail account that keeps unwanted messages at bay.

I never click a banner on websites because they pretty much all work the same way as offline media advertisement. One size fits all. 99,9% of them are total irrelevant to me. I have develop banner blindness.

Actually I think that Google is getting so filled with sponsored messages that I seldom click any.

I can't think of a single time that clicking any of the sponsored links on Google or the Google syndication network actually turned me from a prospect into a buyer.

I don't trust the sponsored links but usually go for the organic links.

So how do you get my attention?
It's hard but I will listen to people and companies with whom I already have a relationship.

And this is why you should pay attention here.

Relationship marketing allows you as an e-marketeer to talk specifically with the people that values your product or service.

You can have a dialogue around your service and talk about what it can do for your customer. The customer will listen if you respect the relationship and send timely and relevant information.

Bonus info:The other alternative to get my attention is through people in my network that recommends stuff. Products and services worth talking about. Stuff that can go viral.

Mass media is dead

No news here. TV advertising is dying. So is advertisement in most print media. Are you still spending money on these channels? If yes, why?

I recommend you start thinking about how you can build a permission asset with your current and potential customers. You own the channel -your own channel. Your customers has the remote. What are you gonna do about it?

Your customers are interactive. Your marketing should be as well.

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